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Getting started with Batuino

Procedure for setting the Bluetooth module (HC-05)

  1. Connect Batuino-BT to PC through USB cable and turn on Batuino-BT. Make sure to check that Bluetooth module is powered off (Bluetooth power switch should be in BT_OFF position).
  2. Place a shunt jumper on J3, written as BT_CFG (then the two pins of J3 will be electrically connected). You can use the shunt jumper from J2 if the output voltage pin (VOUT) is not connected to anywhere else or the shunt jumper of J2 was set to 9V. When there is no shunt jumper on J2, VOUT is selected as 9V by default.
  3. Upload the Sketch linked below. Change contents according to your intention.
    Sketch for HC-05 Bluetooth module configuration
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth module (slide switch to BT-ON position). White LED will blink a few times, indicating that Batuino-BT has been reset. Then the Bluetooth module will be configured by the Sketch. After a few seconds, the white LED will be lit continuously, indicating that the configuration process of Bluetooth module is finished.
  5. Turn off the Bluetooth module, and then remove the shunt jumper from J3.